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Biogas (Gobar Gas) Plant from Water tanks Video Tutorial

Video tutorial about bigas plant construction in video slide show Video source is Pakistan Science club website www.paksc.org
This plant can be fulfill the requirement of small family kitchen usable gas

Biogas Plant Diagram 

Biogas Digester under construction

Here is a project that is being tested. A biodigester  which transforms under the action of anaerobic organic waste into methane.

The model presented in this celebration of the environment Sunday, June 3, 2102 was carried out by Worms and the Wisdom and Know-how will be tested and water this week. The objective is to present it to the Fair on June 23 and the first results.
here is pictures of his achievement as well as links for more documentation.

biogas Digester by plastic drum under construction

Construction manual of a biogas digester by T.H. Culhane
Here is the description of the system, the basic principles  are  very  simple,  use  the  things  you
find in your surroundings. 

1. Cut the top off at a 2.500 liter water tank.You  have  now  made  the  stomach  of  your  “sacred  cow”.

2. Drill 2” hole at bottom of tank and 1” hole at top of tank.

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