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 Biogas Digester
It is estimated that 2 cows or 10 pigs provide enough manure to fuel a family’s daily cooked meals. By combining an ancient process with engineered concepts, we have set out to introduce and implement small bio-gas plants to provide a source of methane gas for use in cooking and to power small gas lanterns.

When organic material decomposes under anaerobic (lack of oxygen) conditions, it produces biogas which is a mixture of methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2) with small quantities of hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon monoxide and other compounds. Biogas can be used as a fuel source for cooking, heating, producing light or even fueling a generator. A methane (BioGas) digester is a device used to produce and capture this biogas. Organic materials hereinto refers to excreta, or manure, of any animal but also refers to kitchenscraps and gardening waste.

The benefits of converting a limitless supply of manure and other organics into biogas include the following:
  • Biogas systems produce clean energy for household use.
  • Cooking on biogas is quicker, easier, and more efficient than cooking on wood or charcoal.
  • Biogas systems produce excellent nutrient-rich fertilizers for use on farms and gardens.
  • Biogas systems help in the fight against global warming by allowing us to burn methane instead of a harmful release into the atmosphere.
  • By utilizing a limitless supply of manure input, there will be no further necessity for costly resources such as propane, coal, or firewood and thus will allow for economical savings while supporting the regrowth of trees.


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