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Biogas project in Karatu Tanzania video

he biogas project was firstly part of the "Sustainable Energy Project". Within this pilot project two prototype biogas plants were built in Slahhamo village. The construction of this efficient energy form were going hand in hand with training and human capacity building and awareness creation on the benefits that accrue in investing biogas plants.

After this pilot phase the biogas project was separated from the stove project, because the biogas was just affordable for farmers with enough cows. With the support of the United Nation Development Program (UNDP) the project continued and 25 biogas plants had been built in the district.

Aim of the project has been to utilize the energy, there potential are stored in the dung from the households cows. Cow dung can if it is broken down under anaerobic conditions release methane and create biogas. Biogas is an energy source, which can deliver clean and renewable energy to households, to meet these household energy needs for cooking and lighting.

The Project has developed and built biogas plant to test the possibilities for using biogas plant in the energy supply to households in the area, and for developing new construction principles for biogas plant in Tanzania.
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