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BioGasWorld 2012

Starting in 2012, the international trade fair BiogasWorld will be taking place in future every two years at the Berlin Exhibition Grounds together with the traditional SolarEnergy and bautec technology shows. Around 70,000 visitors from around the world will be visiting the grounds on the five days of the exhibitions. Apart from the domestic German market, BiogasWorld places a special focus on the eastern European countries from Poland and the Czech Republic to the Baltic States and Russia.
Poland, in particular, is seen as a land of the future as far as biogas technologies are concerned. The country‘s government and investors have just recently given the green light to accelerate development in this area. In the short to medium term, the aim is that decentralised electricity and heat from biogas plants will take up its fair share of the basic energy provision for the population and infrastructure requirements in Poland‘s rural regions.
Whereas in Germany the sales market is already stagnating in several regions and, parallel to new investment, the highly promising area of the „repowering“ of old facilities is becoming more and more important, the Eastern European countries are regarded as virgin territory for biogas applications with considerable development prospects.


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