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Clean Energy Foundation Installs Biogas Units in Karatina and Gatundu, Kenya

Nairobi, Kenya (April 20, 2010)–The Clean Energy Foundation’s (CEF) Nairobi, Kenya-based operation has successfully installed compact biogas units (BGU’s) in Karatina and Gatundu, Kenya.
Karatina is about 85 miles north of Nairobi near Mt. Kenya National park. Gatundu is a small town in the Central Province of Kenya.
The installation in Karatina was for Captain Kagombe, a local resident who owns three dairy cows there. The installation in Gatundu (in a village called Muhara) will be used by Ruth Njeri.
“Captain Kagombe and his wife were excited to have the biogas unit installed,” said Tony Muiruri, who heads up research and product installation for CEF in Kenya.
A retired military captain, Kagombe built himself a refrigerated room after he was contracted by Kenya Creamery Co-operative to collect, bulk, chill and transport milk for them.
Both Kagombe and Njeri, according to Muiruri, will feed their systems with cow manure, which will provide them with gas to cook meals and boil water for purification.  Their systems are both one cubic meter.
“A gas hose was installed and a new biogas burner was given to the clients,” Muiruri said.
After Muiruri installed the biogas systems, he trained Kagombe and Njeri on basic troubleshooting and operation, and provided them with manuals and brochures. Muiruri said the area has high potential for replication.
About the Clean Energy Foundation
The Clean Energy Foundation (CEF), an international non-profit organization, is based in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.
The purpose of the Clean Energy Foundation is to develop renewable, clean energy solutions to help satisfy human needs for potable water, health, energy, education and food. Current projects are related to biogas, solar lighting and water purification implementation.
With operations currently in Nairobi, Kenya, the foundation seeks to make an impact globally.
Bryan McGinnis, Director of Operations, is in charge of technology development in emerging countries.
The CEF project was started by Tony Tiedemann, a Chandler, Arizona resident and founder and president of Tiedemann Globe. Since 1998, Tiedemann Globe has been a leading exporter of used clothes oversees.
Tiedemann is focusing CEF projects in Nairobi largely because Tiedemann Globe has established infrastructure, including shipping, buildings, and personnel in the populous East African city.
The Clean Energy Foundation seeks monetary donations, product donations, subsidies, grants and other support.
For more information, call McGinnis at (602) 278-6545 or e-mail him at bryan@cefnd.org.

Feeding the biogas unit with cow manure. April 15, 2010. Karatina, Kenya.

Captain Kagombe of Karatina, Kenya, with his grandson King'ara, his new biogas unit, and the operating instructions, installed by CEF Kenya (www.cefnd.org)


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