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Model Colony biogas plant: PMC eyes sequential carbon credits from WB

After the success of the biogas plant project at Model Colony in Shivajinagar, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has now planned to seek sequential carbon credits for the projects.
The Model Colony project helped process 5 tons of garbage everyday and electrify 230 street lights in the vicinity. “The biogas plant has enabled processing of garbage and stop open dumping. It also has helped provide power supply to street lights and generate manure while saving fuel consumption of PMC for transporting garbage,” said Municipal Commissioner Mahesh Pathak after the felicitation of the staff running the biogas plant. For getting sequential carbon credits, PMC will have to approach the World Bank, officials said.
He said the PMC has started 12 biogas plants and can apply for sequential carbon credits from the biogas plant as it reduces pollution, generates electricity and saves fuel consumption. “There needs to be decentralisation of garbage processing with focus on processing the generated garbage in the respective wards. There is opposition from a few places, but I would request citizens to understand the benefits of the projects instead of believing in wrong notions,” Pathak said, urging all corporators to come forward to set up biogas plants to process the garbage generated in their respective wards.


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