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 Biog & Puxin Biogas Plants
 Biog & Puxin Biogas Plants

Puxin Biogas Plants superiority in consummate hydraulic pressure biogas system and convenient construction solutions, as we have developed a new type gas plant featuring easy operation, easy maintenance, fast
initial gas producing. Our plants are well reputed in the biogas industry with durable quality of products,
excellent safety and the low cost.
 The following are the biogas system.

1. Puxin medium size biogas system: The medium size biogas system is composed of one or a group of
100 m3 biogas plants formed into a unit, the pipes system, the gas purification system and the appliances or electricity generator. The medium size biogas system is mainly applied to the livestock (pig, cow, etc.) plants to treat the waste, or applied to public buildings (hotel, apartment, etc.) to treat sewage and organic food waste. 
2. Puxin family size biogas system: The family size biogas system is composed of one or several 10 m3
biogas plants formed into a unit, the pipe system, the gas purification devices and the appliances. The
family size biogas system is mainly applied to family house to treat sewage and organic food waste. 
For those two type biogas systems we sell all the equipments and products needed to build the biogas system to our customers, train the technicians for them, and we or our customers can build the biogas application system themselves.
Our products for building a biogas plant include: the steel mould that is equipment used to build the concrete digester of the 10m3 biogas plant, the glass fiber gasholder that is a component of the 10m3 Puxin biogas plant, the pipeline, the biogas appliances (stove, water heater, rice cooker, lamp etc.) and small power biogas generators.  
The steel mould is composed of a number of steel mounding boards. By using a steel mould a 6 or 10 m3 biogas digester can be build in two days, or 150 in a year. The steel mould is reusable and can be used over 2000 times and lasts over ten years.   The glass fiber reinforced plastic gasholder is 1.0-1.2
m3 that is one of the main components of the Puxin biogas plant, and it can last over 10 years.

The Structure

Puxin  Biogas  Plant  is  of  the  hydraulic pressure  biogas  plant  type,  and  is composed  of  a  concrete  digester  and  a glass  fibre  reinforced  plastic  gasholder. The  digester  has  a  capacity  of  6  or  10 cubic  meters,  and  is  constituted  by  a stomach,  a  neck  an  inlet  and  an  outlet. The gasholder  is 1.6 m in diameter, 1 or 1.2  cubic  meter  in  capacity.  The gasholder  is  installed  within  the  digester neck,  fixed  by  a  component;  the gasholder and the digester are sealed up with water.
 Biog & Puxin Biogas Plants
 Comparing with the traditional fixed dome type hydraulic Biogas plant, Puxin Biogas

Digester has the following distinct advantages:   Easy to build and 100% success rate: The construction of Puxin Biogas Plant is exempt from the difficult airtight craft, so the technical difficulty is greatly decreased, and the construction perriod is greatly shortened. To build a Puxin Biogas Digester successfully, the constructers are only required to master how to assemble and disassemble the steel mould. Any workman can learn to
build Puxin Biogas Digester within a day and with 100% success rate

Download PDF : http://www.biog.as/puxin.pdf


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