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Biogas in Ethiopia Video

Deforestation is an important cause for climate change. We believe that in order to tackle some of the worlds biggest problems, we have to build on local solutions. Scaling these up is the key to making a difference. One way to stop deforestation is by using biogas.

Ethiopia is characterised by very low energy consumption, with the vast majority of the rural population having no access to electricity. As a result, the dependency on woody biomass has created an over-exploitation of the natural resource base, which in turn leads to lower agricultural production.

Continued interest in domestic biogas as one of the solutions to address rural energy, combined with SNVs experience with the promotion of domestic biogas and the commitment of national and regional stakeholders, led to the formulation of a Programme Implementation Document for a National Biogas Programme in Ethiopia in partnership with the Ethiopian Rural Energy Promotion & Development Centre (EREDPC). Implementation started in May 2008 with the construction of 100 demonstration biogas plants in 4 regions (Tigray, Oromia, Southern region and Amhara). In an initial phase (2008-2013), constructing a total of 14,000 biogas plants is targeted.


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