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Biogas plant opening Bad Salzdetfurth
On the 15th of April 2011 the official opening of the BIOGAS NORD plant in Salzdetfurth took place.
17 farmers signed two thirds of the shares, one third was signed by Stadtwerke Bad Salzdetfurth. prime contractor is BIOGAS NORD . In June 2010 the construction started and all further steps happened in an incredible pace. “Ca.  18. 000 tonnes of maize is produced by 15 farms in a local area on ca. 350 ha. Together with 8.000 tonnes of cattle and pig manure, they produce ca. 8 million kilowatt hours, which can be used to power circa 1600 households”, said Curd von Lenthe, manager of the participating farmers. The gas will be used for the home required heat as well as for the local heat grid and  a saline bath in Detfurth. In the future the supply of more consumers is planned.
Joachim Korth from the planning office Energie + Konzept: “ This plant has the advantage to give heat to the saline bath throughout the year and in addition reduce more 5000 tons of CO2”. Mayor Schaper said: „this is a successful relationship between the local farmers and the city“ and „ an important day for the whole region and the city. County commissioner Wegner acknowledged the operators:  “ Due to the rising prices and energy problems, we have to take new paths.”
Wesselns mayor Burkhard Helfenbein: „One can say the building is really beautiful. It´s blending in the landscape in a very good way."

Curd von Lenthe (left), Heiko Räther (right),
Dirk Wöhler BIOGAS NORD (middle)

Biogas plant Bad Salzdetfurth
Fotos:  Martensen


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