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Handbook on Bio Gas and Its Applications

Energy from different sources, especially biomass has assumed great importance in development and under
developed countries of the world. Most of the energy needed for cooking space heating and lighting etc. in
rural area of such countries comes from biomass which have been used since long times. The book contains
technology of biogas generation with its applications. This book will be very useful for researchers,
consultants, entrepreneurs, institutional libraries, students etc.
1. Biogas Plants: A Boon For Rural Family
 Composition of biogas and slurry
 Composition of slurry
 Raw materials for biogas generation
 Types of biogas plants
 KVIC floating drum type
 Janata biogas plant
 Deenbandhu biogas plant
 Shramik Bandhu biogas plant
 Selection of size of biogas plant
 Selection of type of biogas plant
 Factors to be considered
 Technical considerations
 Consideration of Climatological factors
 Consideration of Geographical factors
 Economic considerations
 Utilization of biogas and slurry
 (a) Utilization of biogas
 (b) Biogas burners
 (c) Chapatti burner
 (d) Biogas lamps

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