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The term BIOGAS is used for every type of fermentation/fouling gases which might emerge in nature where organic compounds gather and are cut off from oxygen supply, making an aerobe decomposition process no longer possible, - like at the bottom of lakes, swamps or even in the digestive system of ruminant animals. Synonyms for BIOGAS are such words as sewage gas, marsh gas, methane. Different micro organisms are metabolizing carbon from organic matter in oxygen-free environment (anaerobically). This process is known as decomposition or anoxic fermentation and follows the food chain.

BIOGAS is the end product of an aerobic decomposition process. This process can bedivided into four distinct phases. During each process step, various micro organisms anda range of enzymes work symbiotically.
BIOGAS itself is a gas mixture which mainly consists of Methane CH4, Carbon DioxideCO2, and minor parts of Hydrogen Sulphide H2S, plus some other volatile Gases.Raw materials, like the following, can be used for biogas production:cattle manure, pig manure, chicken dung, slaughterhouse waste (blood, fat, entrails, andrumen content), plants waste, silage, rotten grain, waste water, fats, bio-waste, food industry waste, malt remnants, marc, distillery slop, bio ethanol plant slop, brewer’sgrain (crushed malt remnants after filtration), sugar beet and fruit pulp, sugar beettops, technical glycerine (after bio diesel production), fibre and other starch and treacleproduction, milk whey, flotation sludge, dewatered flotation sludge from municipal
waste water treatment plants, algae.Most of the raw materials can be mixed with each other.

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