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Omnitek Engineering Ramps Up Diesel to Biogas Engine Conversions in the Philippines

Omnitek Engineering says it expects demand in the Philippines for its diesel engine conversion technology that enables utilization of biogas fuel to gain momentum, particularly on hog farms in remote areas with an abundance of biogas sources and sometimes limited access to electricity.
Large hog farming operations in the Philippines are participating in Methane Recovery and Electricity Generation projects, which are being governed by the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) - an article of the Kyoto Protocol which allows industrialized countries with a greenhouse gas reduction commitment to invest in emission reducing projects in developing countries and apply them to Kyoto targets.
Covered in-ground anaerobic digesters, which convert animal waste into biogas, are being financed by foreign firms, which subsequently sell the generated carbon credits through global carbon trading markets, such as the European Climate Exchange to offset green house gas emissions.
"High diesel fuel costs, an abundance of biogas and the financial burden of replacing diesel powered generators with new natural gas systems are strong incentives for farmers to adopt our diesel engine conversion technology," said Werner Funk, president and chief executive officer of Omnitek Engineering Corporation.
He noted that four Omnitek-converted biogas power generators are already operating in the Philippines. Estimated monthly savings to farmers are considerable, and the engine conversion cost can be recovered within a four-to-eight month period - depending upon the amount of electricity produced.
Funk added that Omnitek continues to experience solid demand for its diesel engine conversions for heavy- and medium-duty truck and bus applications in other parts of the world.
"Biogas fuel is an exciting opportunity to expand and we look forward to capitalizing on other global opportunities," he said.
Sales and marketing initiatives for Omnitek's diesel engine conversion technology for biogas and farming applications in the Philippines are being supported by the company's strategic relationship formed in 2009 with Philippine-based Alternative Bio-Energy Technologies Company (ABET) to address growing local market demand for biogas engine solutions.
Funk added that diesel engines have a service life of up to 20 years, which provides an additional incentive to convert.


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