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International Biogas Operators Course Sept. 2011

Course Information

This 4-day intensive training is designed to provide plant operators, decision makers and investors with profound specific operators knowledge. The focus of this training course is to combine practical experience with theoretical and scientific knowledge. IBBK Fachgruppe Biogas and the University of Hohenheim are the organisers and conductors of this in depth training course. This ensures, that participants have the full benefit of substantial and long term practical and theoretical experiences, which senior experts within the German Biogas Industry are providing.

General program topics

(Prelimineray program, programm is subject to change)
  • Introduction and definitions
  • When is a biogas plant an appropriate investment ?
  • Basic values and calculation formulas of the biogas process
  • Digester biology, input substrates, gas yields from biowaste and energy crops, basic principles of process technology
  • Optimal process start up (or major change) and shut down measures
  • System operation with wastes and energy crops, pretreatment, feeding technologies, stirring and mixing
  • Day to day maintenance, trouble shooting, process control, record keeping
  • Measures for process optimization, stabilization and enhancement
  • Environmental constraints, fertilizer spreading, ecological fertilizer
    management with biogas slurry, ecological evaluation, digestate treatment
    and storage
  • Biogas treatment, storage, upgrading and utilization
  • Safety standards in agricultural biogas plants during start up, operation, and
    shut down procedures

Conditions of participation

Registration is required in writing per post, fax or e-mail. After receiving your complete registration, we will send you the confirmation and invoice by e-mail. Registration is legally binding. Written cancellations are possible until September 06, 2011. Upon cancellation payments made up to that time will be refunded except for an administration charge of 150 €. After September 06 refunds are no longer possible. Late registrations which are canceled are billed in full. In case of cancellations we gladly accept a substitute participant. The number of participants is limited, therefore a timely registration and prepayment is required no later than September 06, 2011. After that deadline participation is only possible upon request. The Biogas Operators Course will be conducted in English.
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